Hands-free Hosting, Optimal Returns: Your Key to Stress-Free Vacation Rental Management!

At WANDERMORE Hosting, we transform vacation rental investing into a seamless and profitable experience. With our customizable services, we cater to every aspect of short-term rental management.

Let us help you Wander More!

We Aim to Empower Property Owners with a Hassle-Free Vacation Rental Management Experience.

Join us at WanderMore Hosting, where your property’s potential is our priority. Discover the ease of vacation rental investing with our expert team by your side.

Led by Robert, with his extensive sales consulting and real estate investing experience, and Nicole Comey, an Army veteran with a strong background in logistics and operations, the duo embodies a unique blend of expertise and commitment.

Together, they drive WanderMore Hosting’s mission to provide customized, top-tier services, ensuring both property owners and guests enjoy a seamless, rewarding experience. Their collaborative approach and dedication to excellence set a new standard in the vacation rental industry.

Veteran Owned and Operated Business
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Years Of Experience

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is clear:


Owner Satisfaction

We prioritize owner satisfaction as the cornerstone of our services.



We are dedicated to delivering seamless short term rental hosting and fostering trust.


Hands off owner experience

Through personalized attention, transparent communication, and a commitment to excellence.

No Long Term Contracts!

Service Areas

 Choosing WanderMore Hosting for your vacation property management needs is a decision that aligns with excellence and expertise. By partnering with us, you’re choosing a partner that is as invested in achieving your property’s full potential as you are. 

Make the wise choice for peace of mind, profitability, and the promise of opportunity in the vibrant short-term vacation rental market.


WanderMore Hosting proudly serves diverse and attractive locales across the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Oregon. Each of these states offers unique vacation experiences, from Florida’s sun-kissed beaches and Georgia’s charming historic sites to Tennessee’s scenic mountain retreats and Oregon’s stunning natural landscapes. By operating in these varied regions, WanderMore Hosting caters to a wide range of guest preferences, ensuring properties under their management enjoy consistent demand and high satisfaction rates.


Three Pillars of Service

At Wandermore Hosting, we focus on three core areas: Property Protection, Expert Hosting, and Revenue Management. Our approach ensures that your investment is not only secure but also thrives in the competitive vacation rental market. We blend state-of-the-art security measures, unparalleled hospitality, and savvy financial strategies to maximize your returns while providing exceptional experiences for your guests.

Learn more about how these three pillars of service can enhance your property’s profitability.


Property Protection

We treat your property with the same care as if it were our own, ensuring its protection. Our initial property setup comprises the installation and monitoring of noise sensors, security surveillance, and the implementation of intelligent locks!


Expert Hosting

This encompasses guest screening, vendor management, supply replenishment, guest booking and calendar coordination, round-the-clock guest communication, post-departure inspections, maintenance checks, and cleaning and laundry services.


Revenue Management

Our earnings are directly linked to your revenue, which greatly motivates us to push for maximum profitability. As a boutique company, we prioritize enhancing returns for each owner.

Kind words from vacation rental owners

Robert and Nicole have been hosting our STR for several months now and so far they have exceeded our expectations as far as customer service and professionalism. In fact, we are working with them to co host another property for us in the near future. Highly recommend.

William Hicks

After years of managing my short-term rental property on my own, I finally decided to turn over the management of it to Wandermore LLC (run by Bobby and Nicole) and I’m very happy I did. Initially I was concerned about pricing, the caliber of renters they would get, and how quickly they would respond to my renters. I am pleased to say that my worries were unfounded.
First, they have a vetting process to ensure that only responsible and respectful individuals will stay at my property. This attention to detail has given me peace of mind…

Leah Murakami

I would highly recommend Nicole & Robert/WanderMore hosting as property managers for your vacation rental. They are quick to respond to guests and any issues that arise. They take the stress our of owning a vacation rental.

Miranda Fenoff

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