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Robert is a Partnership Development Manager with 18 years of experience in sales consulting, demonstrating a strong focus on customer satisfaction and the establishment of successful partnerships. His unwavering commitment to Real Estate Investing is evident through owning properties spanning multiple states, showcasing Robert’s expertise across a diverse geographical landscape.

Nicole is an Army Veteran with 20 years of service and over 10 years of experience in the Logistics and Operations field within the Civilian Sector. She is passionate about family, fitness, and helping others.

Hosting others through Short Term rentals has been an experience that we have grown to love and we take pride in every property we own or manage.

Together we are working towards our long-term goals and want to help you achieve yours!

In the dynamic world of vacation rental management, our approach sets us apart. We blend traditional hospitality with modern innovation, creating memorable experiences for guests and lucrative, worry-free opportunities for property owners. Our expertise extends beyond mere property management; we immerse ourselves in the nuances of vacation hosting, ensuring each property we oversee is not just a place to stay but a gateway to unforgettable experiences. With a keen eye on market trends and guest preferences, we tailor our services to meet the evolving demands of the travel industry, prioritizing comfort, convenience, and exceptional service at every turn.




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About Robert

About Robert


Robert “Bobby” Bohren is a professional with a background that weaves through the Oregon Coast, the heart of Idaho, and now finds its home in Florida. With 18 years of sales experience, Bobby has honed his skills as a Partnership Development Manager, small business owner, and real estate investor.

His dedication to customer satisfaction, retention, and forging successful partnerships has been the cornerstone of his career. Bobby’s passion lies in investing in Vacation Rental Real Estate, showcasing his expertise through properties spanning multiple states.

In addition to his career and real estate ventures, Bobby finds immense joy in being a father to a 17-year-old. Family time holds a special place in his heart, and he loves to spend his free moments creating memories with his loved ones.

About Nicole

About Nicole


Nicole is a distinguished Army veteran with 20-years of service and an extensive career in logistics and operations. Her commitment to duty and exceptional leadership capabilities sets her apart in any demanding and dynamic environment.

At WanderMore, Nicole continues to exemplify her commitment to excellence. Her role is not just a job but a passion-driven pursuit to elevate standards and exceed expectations. As a valuable asset to the team, Nicole contributes her strategic mindset, leadership acumen, and problem-solving skills to drive the success of WanderMore.

Nicole is also a dedicated mother of a 7 year old and is passionate about helping others by volunteering in her community.

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